In our 34th year at the Edinburgh Fringe, we aim to amuse, move and inspire with our programme of 13 exceptional shows. As diverse as it is imaginative, our 2014 bill features brand new writing and creative adaptations, including stories of wartime correspondence, a saint on a quest, music hall horror and love turned "fowl" at the fair. And while one visit to Bedlam may see the age-old themes of love, death and growing up take new shape on our protean stage, another will see you split your sides with the returning faces of some of our funniest friends.
DEAR MISTER KAISER  August 2-24 | 12 pm
The extraordinary, true story of how one carefully worded letter forged the most unlikely of friendships. Dear Mister Kaiser follows Captain Robert Campbell, a British Prisoner of War in WWI, who, after receiving terrible news from back home, takes the unlikely step of writing a letter to the Kaiser of Germany. When the letter arrives at the correct destination, a remarkable journey unfolds. A wondrous and uplifting piece of new writing, filled with lashings of stiff upper lip and a Zeppelin ride. Join Hour Lot on their mad dash across war-torn Europe to uncover this brief moment of empathy. Joint-Winners of the Prague Fringe’s Inspirativni Award (2011s All in the Timing), North East company Hour Lot Theatre make their Edinburgh Fringe debut. @HOURLOTTHEATRE
“Truly Wondrous Moments” - Prague Post, on 2012s ‘Department of the Afterlife’ "This is Exceptional Theatre from an Incredible Company...★★★★★" - The New Current, 2012
DON'T LET GO  August 2-24 (not the 12th) | 1.3 0 pm
Leonard’s life is absorbed in nullity, that is until he meets the most unlikely of saviours; a red balloon. Incorporating an energised physicality, poetic lyricism and hypnotic puppetry, Don’t Let Go tells the most enchanting and beautiful of stories, whilst exploring what it means to be an adult. Highlighting the importance of play in our lives, this show celebrates the joyfulness which lies deep within us all. Through a physical inventiveness and lyrical script Manic Chord Theatre and their balloon pry, tongue-tie and fly their way through this darkly enchanting tale. Following the five-star success of After What Comes Before at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013 and a subsequent UK tour, Leeds based Manic Chord Theatre return with their second full length show. @MANICCHORDTHEATRE
 August 4-9 | 3 pm
Join them in a foreandaft lyrical tale of hospitastical catapostrophe.
BABOLIN are "breathtaking" "invigorating" "inventive" "operatic" Total Theatre
Forged in a farcical infirmary and armed with sumptuous surgical shanties, BABOLIN bring you their kaleidoscopic, quirky vision of the quackery of life and death. There is crisis at St Krank's, a venerable old hospital all at sea. Its crew of jolly old tars and grizzled sea dogs find themselves struck down by a mysterious disease and must find urgent remedy. Enter Widget, whose reckless behaviour with a pack of loofahs and some brylcreem unintentionally saves the ailing and the sick at heart from a pitiful backslide to an England of yore. This is Babolin's TENTH Fringe show, this year steered by director of much-loved LITTLE BULB, Admiral Al Scott, purveyor of shanties Tom Penn (LITTLE BULB, RASH DASH), producer Sam the wave Worboys (GOMITO) and scrubber and scriptswabber Richard Fredman. @BABOLINTHEATRE
 Preview August 2-3 August 11-17 | 3 pm
It’s cramped, it’s crazed, it’s out of order. When the lift breaks, nine lives unexpectedly converge and endure a static adventure no psychologist can erase. With the mechanic swept clean off the radar, nothing can save the volatile victims from themselves. As love, patience, and sanity hang by an ill-strewn cable, we’re taught the true value of wit, resilience, and having a PhD. This is why lift people shouldn’t speak to other lift people… Shamelessly minimalist and unrefined, The Lift thuds onto the stage as unavoidably as it is inescapable. Deery is playing for laughs and he gets them. This is a writer who has established his form and will be one to watch. In the hands of a well-matched, well-balanced ensemble his unaffectionate portraits come to life. (Dan Lentell, Edinburgh49).
It’s 1929 and Sir Oscar Botcherby is on to another brilliant business venture. He’s arranged for his daughter Sylvia to marry Roderick Brooke-Sharpe, doubling the family fortune — a plan Sylvia passionately protests. After all, she’s never even met the man! Worse still, Roderick’s coming over to meet his bride in 10 minutes. As the doorbell rings, revealing an outrageously sentimental gentleman and his disgruntled valet Pertwee, it’s time to mix a stiff Pink Whirligig. With a Blenheim Twist. But Sylvia is no longer Sylvia, and the new maid keeps on spilling the tea. And actually there’s something very, very odd about Roderick and something even odder about the valet... Misunderstandings and maladroit romances ensue within the walls of a sprawling country estate, set to the tune of a live jazz band. Inspired by an 18th century original by Pierre de Marivaux, Zut Alors Theatre, in co-production with TwoSquared Productions, bring to the stage a witty and fast-paced comedy featuring an original jazz score. @twoSQUAREDPRODUCTION
Praise for previous work by David K Barnes: ★★★★★ ThreeWeeks (The Wind in the Willows 2012)
"Laugh out loud hilarious." ★★★★★ ThreeWeeks (Wild Allegations 2012)
”Blissfully funny." ★★★★ What's on Stage (Timothy 2011)
 August 18-23 | 2.55 pm @ZUTALORSTHEATRE
Who is St Joan? Joan has been seen as a liberator, national icon, freedom fighter and now as a heroine of the racist Right. In Julia Pascal’s imaginative and pertinent satire, it is cool Londoner, Joan Rabinowitz who travels to France to overturn history and right wrongs. From her musings in the back of a London cab she finds herself inhabiting the body of Joan of Arc. On her journey from horse to stake, must she kill English soldiers to crown a French king? Will this modern Joan stop the European march towards slavery and mass murder. Can she even save one life? Juliet Dante, Rachel Halper and Géhane Strehler are all St Joan in Katrin Hilbe's witty production. This highly physical theatre experience deconstructs any fixed images of Joan of Arc and takes the audience on a spectacular and stimulating ride. ST. JOAN
@STJOANTHEPLAY  August 2-24 (not the 12th) | 4.30 pm
 August 2-24 (not the 12th) | 6 pm
A dynamic, playful retelling of Swan Lake with infectious live original music, exuberant physical theatre and ‘gloriously inventive stagecraft’ (The Stage). The Prince’s 21 bring Rothbart’s travelling fair to a town near and far away, long ago and yesterday. In the moonlight webbed feet hook a discontented Prince in love. The lovers try to make the sparks last longer on the dodgems and keep the moon up in the sky, but inevitably love is swept downstream by a black magic. We won’t promise you ballet and Tchaikovsky though you may
get a bit of both. withWings Theatre Company, founded in 2009, have quickly built a reputation for inventive and quirky physical theatre, fabulous soundtracks and sets that breathe stories themselves. The Duck Pond won the Festgoers Award at NSDF 2014. @withWings
Press on last year’s If Room Enough: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ THREE WEEKS “will sweep you off your feet”
★ ★★ ★ ★ BROADWAY BABY “full of incredible music”
★ ★ ★ ★ ★THE PUBLIC REVIEWS “beautiful imagery”
 August 12 | 6 pm
‘Maybe this isn’t real, maybe we don’t exist, maybe we aren’t in a story at all’ Stag Lee is going nowhere. He’s a delinquent whose only ambition is to make big money from a life of crime. Silent Leila is a celebrity-obsessed introvert who wishes she was in a story. Silent Leila is a good girl… until the night she meets Stag Lee. After a terrifying event throws the unlikely companions together, the duo are forced on the run to the Highlands on a desperate hunt to find Lee’s real father. As Leila and Lee find their relationship charged and distorted by the unruly, almost magical atmosphere of Blackwaterside, the idyll they’ve created rapidly descends into chaos when a long-held secret is revealed.
@AuldStagTheatre Staged with the support of playwright David Greig, this ‘raw and powerful’ ★★★★ (Thom Dibdin, All Edinburgh Theatre) production is warped coming-of-age tale in which reality and the imagination collide.
The final curtain hangs like a guillotine over Alfred Brownlow's variety troupe. Creditors are at the door, the death of music hall is just round the corner and a terrible revelation is waiting in the wings. But there's always time for one last show... The team behind 2012's five star sell-out smash The Horror! The Horror! present a horrifying and hilarious new musical, as Brownlow’s struggling company mount an evening of saucy antics, doomed romance, toe-tapping tunes and macabre merriment – all slowly descending into nightmare. Creeping into Bedlam for three weeks of the Edinburgh Fringe, The Horror! The Horror! - The Final Curtain is the boldest and bloodiest show yet from Britain’s leading horror and suspense company, Theatre of the Damned – side-splitting entertainment guaranteed. Catch it at your peril. 'A home grown Little Shop of Horrors.' ★★★★★ – Exeunt
‘Oozes ghoulish glee’ - Times
 August 2-24 (not the 17th) | 7.45 pm
It’s 2014. Sheeps are still Daran Johnson (writer on BBC3’s ‘Siblings’), Liam Williams (Best Newcomer Nominee at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards 2013), and Alistair Roberts (star of ‘The Bird’ with Julia Davis). Funny trio Sheeps preview their forthcoming Wembley show. They are at loggerheads, firmly positioned at the extreme end of each other’s tethers. As Wembley Previews rips along Jonno realises his influence and begins to pull the strings... Over the last five years The Invisible Dot Ltd. has worked closely with TIM KEY, DANIEL KITSON, ADAM BUXTON, JONNY SWEET, DAVID O’DOHERTY & STEFAN GOLASZEWSKI. The company opened a 70-capacity venue in King’s Cross, London in November 2012 - the first custom-built comedy venue to open in the capital in over 20 years. #sheeps_EddyFringe_2014_show
 "Something quite different and very exciting indeed" ★★★★ – INDEPENDENT
"One of the most exciting sketch acts to emerge in years" ★★★★ – TIMEOUT
@SHEEPSOFCOMEDY  August 2-24 (not the 12th) | 9.15 pm
Twelve hours after it happened, Alice waits with her husband, held between life and death. In the six years since meeting, they have found out what it is to love, to truly live and to create another person. But everything must come to an end. Falling Through Water intimately examine the fragility of love, the celebration of life and the inevitable moment of goodbye.
@FALLINGTHROUGHW  August 2-24 (not the 10th,17th, or 24th) | 11 pm
Always different, always funny. Bedlam Theatre’s resident comedy troupe is back to celebrate their 25th Fringe! The Improverts promise yet another year of lightning fast wit, expert tech and high energy performances. Based at Bedlam Theatre since 1989, the show is made up of improvised short-form comedy games based entirely on audience suggestions. With a different line-up of players and games and, of course, a different audience at every performance, every night is 100% original and 100% hilarious. The Improverts boast a long line of successful alumni including Mark Dolan, Miles Jupp and Maria Bamford. The current players dominated the last two Edinburgh Revue Stand-Up Championships. Thomas Joyce won in 2013 and Joe McArdle won in 2014 with Isobel Moulder (who ‘calmly makes sure things keep going - without ever drawing attention to it’) as the runner up.
 "Breathtakingly good" – SCOTSMAN
@THEIMPROVERTS  August 2-24 (not the 17th) | 12.30 am
‘You know what the cruellest thing I ever did to anybody was? I’ll tell you.’ Alex wants to tell you a story. A story about God, about photography and Daniel Craig. A story about Lucy. Bedlam Fringe bring you Simon Stephens’ profound, funny and moving one man monologue about life, love, loss and the sea. In the space of just 30 minutes an elemental human connection is forged between Alex and his audience, this link is re-envisaged in our new production; Jonathon Oldfield’s performance breathes life into a new Alex entirely. Direct, deep and beautiful Sea Wall offers a frank and honest portrayal of a life. This is an amateur production.
 August 12 | 4.30 pm August 17 | 8 pm
BEDLAM THEATRE 11b Bristo Place