Welcome to Bedlam Fringe 2020

2020 marks a particularly exciting time for Bedlam, with this year’s programme marking our 40th Anniversary as a theatre. Building on last year’s commitment to championing minority voices, we reflect on where we started and look to what the future holds. Perhaps now more than ever, theatre holds a great political potential in challenging the status quo: reminding us of the alternative and otherwise forgotten. Questioning what it means to be radical, Bedlam Fringe has something to say – make sure you’re listening…

Our Programme

Every year we put together one of the best and most respected programs at the Fringe across every genre and medium. Buy your tickets for this year’s performances here.

Our Team

We overhaul our entire team every year. It’s what keeps us fresh, and keeps the venue a leader among alternative art spaces both at the fringe and across the country. Keep an eye on the jobs page for openings – we hire roles until May.

Looking to Perform?

Applications are now open to join one of the most exciting programmes of the Fringe. Tell us a bit about yourself and a member of our programming team will be in touch.