2020 Festival Statement

2020 Festival Statement

After the announcement by the Edinburgh Fringe Society late last week, we have made the decision that Bedlam Theatre will not be opening its doors this August. This has been a difficult decision for us all, but we want to continue our dedication to the community and the wellbeing of our artists, staff and visitors, as well as supporting our local NHS and the city of Edinburgh in coping with Covid-19.

We were so excited to bring you what would have been Bedlam’s 40th Fringe, but now have an additional year of planning to prepare for what will be Bedlam’s biggest summer celebration to date. Our venue has always been dedicated to providing a community for everyone that walks through its doors, and our focus is still on fostering that expressive, enigmatic and eclectic community we all know and love. We cannot wait to see what we can deliver through the coming year; it is going to be difficult, but it is also going to be a dynamic period for the arts, and will develop so many new voices that have a lot to say. And we, at Bedlam, cannot wait to hear what they have to say.

In the meantime, look after yourselves, your community, and your local artists. 

Bye for now, 

Philippa, Venue Manager

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