This is the application for our main programme. Keep in mind that often we won’t see your show until the festival so it’s important that you give us as clear an idea here, on paper, as possible.

We operate entirely on a box office split between the show team and the venue, which will be paid out after the Fringe has ended. This split is most often 50/50. We do not charge for a deposit or enforce a minimum capacity.Additional costs may be incurred, including the use of in-house technicians or flyerers.

Key Things

  1. You cannot save or return to this application, it must be filled out in one go.
  2. We programme on a rolling basis. We review every application submitted and will get in touch if we have any additional questions or concerns.
  3. Due to the high volume of applications we receive in some cases it may take until late March for us to make a decision, so please get in touch if the status or urgency of your application/show/company changes at any point after submitting.
  4. Please understand that submitting this application DOES NOT mean that you have been asked to perform with us. Do not register your show with us in EdFringeWare and please do not make other arrangements for the festival.
  5. Feel free to submit additional supporting materials or additional questions to
A bit about you...
Your name
Phone Number
A bit about your company...
Company name
Who does your company consist of?
Does your company have experience in taking a show to the Edinburgh Fringe?
Please outline any past Fringe/ theatre festival experience.
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What experience does your team have in the industry, if any?This is to ensure we have a balanced programme of both emerging and established artists.
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Please provide any further media about your company (websites, social media, reviews, links to previous work).This could be anything that gives us a flavour of who you are.
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A bit about your show...
Show Name
Show Author
What is your show about?
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Does your show need rights?
If yes, have you secured the rights?
What would your ideal time slot be?
Why this time?
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Which category does your show fit into?This is how your show will appear in the official Edinburgh Fringe Programme.
What particular genre within that sub-category?
Talk us through what your show will look like, and how far along it is in development.Detail is appreciated.
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Expected Runtime
Preferred Length of SlotPlease include anticipated get-in and -out times
When are you looking to perform?pick one or more
Proposed Ticket Prices
Would you require any tech outside of our standard rig?
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A bit about your Fringe plans...
Why are you looking to perform at Bedlam Fringe 2020 and what can you offer the programme?
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If offered a slot, would you be interested in taking part in the Bedlam Fringe 2020 previews in July (dates tbc)?
Any final remarks?
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Please upload anything you think we should see
A bit about your application experience...
Is there anything we could improve with our application process?We are continuously working towards making Bedlam Theatre more accessible. Your feedback will not be considered in your application.
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