This is the application for our main programme. We’ve tried to keep this as straight forward as possible; it contains 36 questions which try to help us understand as much as possible about the show you’re applying with. Keep in mind that often we won’t see your show until the festival so it’s important that you give us as clear an idea here, on paper, as possible.

Key Things

  1. You cannot save or return to this application, it must be filled out in one go.
  2. We programme on a rolling basis. We review every application submitted and will get in touch if we have any additional questions or concerns.
  3. Due to the high volume of applications we receive in some cases it may take until late March for us to make a decision, so please get in touch if the status or urgency of your application/show/company changes at any point after submitting.
  4. Please understand that submitting this application DOES NOT mean that you have been asked to perform with us. Do not register your show with us in EdFringeWare and please do not make other arrangements for the festival.
  5. Feel free to submit additional supporting materials or additional questions to
Primary Contact Info
Nameyour full name
Phone No.Daytime
Company Details
Company Name
Has your company performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival?
What years, what shows at what venues. Detail is much appreciated.
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What experience do your team members have in the industryIdeally just within the past 2 years
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Provide us with links to your team or your company's previous work, reviews, websites or social pages.more details
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Now we're going to ask about the show you're applying with
Show Nameyour full name
Show Authoryour full name
Have you secured the performance rights for the show?
How will you secure them?
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What time of day do you have in mind?
Week 0
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Why this time?
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What Category best describes your show?
What genre in that category?
Explain what your show is about and what it will look like?Detail here is appreciated, we want to get an idea of what your show will be.
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Expected Runtime
Preferred length of slot (Runtime + Get-in + Get-out)
What week(s) are you looking to performpick one or more
Proposed Ticket Prices
What tech outside our standard rig would you require?
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General Questions
Why are you looking to perform at Bedlam this year and why do we need to programme you?
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Would you be interested in taking part in organised London previews at the end of July under Bedlam Fringe’s name?
Anything else we should know?
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Upload any supporting files