Perform with us

So, you’ve got a show and you’re looking for a venue? Well look no further!

Bedlam Theatre is a 90-seat black-box theatre located in the heart of the Edinburgh Fringe. Each year we programme in the region of fourteen shows, depending on run-lengths. Last year we were proud to be awarded ‘Most Accessible Small Venue’ from Euan’s Guide.

At Bedlam, we do it for the love. For this reason, we operate on a box office split between the show teams and the venue, which is paid out after the Fringe has ended. We don’t charge for a deposit and we don’t enforce any minimum tickets sales, in the hope that financial requirements don’t deter otherwise world-class theatre from being presented. Whatever we make, we share between us. Shows are responsible for registering themselves with EdFringe (the official guide), which varies in price depending on the context of registration. Tickets are also subject to a non-negotiable EdFringe administrative fee, which is deducted from box office sales before they are paid out.

Because we exist as a theatre outside of the Fringe, we are fortunate to have a wide range of technical equipment. Please get in touch with any specific requirements you have. Additionally, shows are welcome to bring their own techies, or we have a pool of the most talented bunch around who are on hand (on an hourly basis) to help with all of your technical dreams.

This year, on our 40th Anniversary as a theatre, we look to the political. Exploring the arts’ capacity for change, we question what it means to be radical and how theatre is a force for good.